Mushroom Slicing Machine

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Mushroom Slicing Machine


Mushroom cutting and cutting machine, the whole structure is composed of SUS#304 stainless steel body, crimping switch, instrument double twisting wheel, special processing round knife set and inclined bucket.The movable knife shaft cover door of the inlet device prevents the operator from reaching into the hand.

The operation is simple, and the raw material to be cut is directly placed into the hopper. Under the action of the motor driven pulley, the raw material passes through a knife holder composed of a plurality of circular blades, and the raw material can be cut into a thick and uniform sheet shape in one operation to meet the processing requirements. The cut surface is smooth, beautiful, does not damage the tissue structure, and changes the traditional manual slicing method, which greatly improves the processing efficiency and product quality. The replaceable knife set adjusts the cutting width, and the cutting size is 1.5mm or more (not adjustable).

At present, the area of the mushroom slicer is concentrated in the Xinshe area of Taichung City, Taiwan Province. This area is rich in mushroom agricultural products. In order to meet the needs of various customers, the mushrooms are cut into various sizes, and the shredded mushrooms are cut and shredded. It has become the indispensable best helper for mushroom farmers.


  • Specialized for mushroom slicing.
  • Mushroom cut perfect without crushing them.
  • Blade is optional for different sized of slicing.
  • Movable cutter shaft cover door.


  • Working Capacity: 200 ~ 800 kg / hr
  • Machine Dimension: 660 (L) x 660 (W) x 1060 (H) mm
  • Slicing Size: 4mm~8mm
  • Machine Net Weight: 87 kg
  • Main Power Supply: 220V/380V


  • Dried Fruit, Mushrooms, etc.

KS-828 Mushroom Slicing Machine