Story of Kang Shuo Brand

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Story of Kang Shuo Brand

Created Trusted Brand of Kang Shuo

Take Part to International Relative Food Processing Machinery Exhibition.
Take Part to International Relative Food Processing Machinery Exhibition.
Welcome for Technical school's students take part in machine design.
Welcome for Technical school's students take part in machine design.

Kang Shuo Was Built in 1995 was over 22 years, The President Mr. Judah Yu (A Key) is a loyal and upright Owner.
In the past 22 years, A Key uphold the attitude of learning with an open mind, and deep by all walks of life customer recognition and support.
So, A Key has a good affinity and good luck, but also virtually accumulated infinite blessing.

As beginning of Kang Shuo is producing Traditional Vegetable Cutting Machine only ..
The company's producing capacity and production are very limited, coupled with market competition and saturation...
Not good at communication "A Key" once confidence setbacks ..
In the middle of the operation, factory facing a lot of bottleneck.
But fortunately, God Help & Bless loyal man.
Just in the "A Key" almost lost the target stage, a series of elegant people have appeared . Under the occasion of the occasion, "A key" fortunate enough to get to know the bakery industry in the extraordinary achievements of the elder experts.
At that time through several elder experts' encouragement and suggestion, "A Key" began to try to invest and develop baking - related models of equipment in the professional field.
From small to large, from the equipment to the whole plant project and customization of the design and development.
On the Vegetable cutting machine filed is innovative synchronous operation.

Gradually "A Key" learns from the skills and new concepts, the original old customers continue to return to the company to ask the new models, and new customers also learned from the "Kang Shuo" the latest information.
Such as the use of contacts at the same time to operate new customers and expand the scope of the needs of various customers.

Slowly began to enrich the production site to create a variety of models of products, but also gradually established a "Kang Shuo Brand" and the business image between the industry.
All this to be glad "A Key" has the honor and the bakery industry elder experts has become a brother-like friendship friends, this is a great life in the Great blessing.

In these years, "A Key" in the many predecessors who saw the school is "attitude", is a compassionate and modest attitude.
Uphold and follow this attitude to run "Kang Shuo", led the team, "A Key" mind is clear to do so Right!

On December 30, 2012 Kang Shuo expansion plant completed, the new plant was officially opened, when the Kang Shuo has more than multi-directional Business.
Service to each level of the customer base small to stand-alone sales to meet the needs of the end customer base, large supply distribution throughout the Chinese market.
External, we sell equipment, the intension of the equipment in the supply of Customer needs, so that customers choose Kang Shuo equipment can get value for money to make money feedback.
Internally, we attach importance to the team, "Kang Shuo" like a family.
Kang Shuo is a team of every member of the cause, from the work of mutual Learning to help themselves grow, enhance their technical conditions, to Create the value of each member of life, we believe that this is the ultimate mission of Kang Shuo leader! Brother-like, friendship friends, this is a great life in the great blessing.

No team, there is no Kang Shuo's growth and the future.
For us, "Kang Shuo Machinery" represents not only a brand but represents another more valuable meaning, that is social responsibility!

We have been uphold, so Kang Shuo people in the world of Kang Shuo, In addition to learning professional and technical, but also through the concept of Kang Shuo, daily help themselves respect, learn to cherish and thanksgiving.

We set the brand concept, that is, to a healthy state of mind, Kang Shuo their own conditions and then feedback in the surrounding people, things, to contribute to the community.
We will uphold this idea, step by step.
We are thriving to sell our "KS Brand" to the rest of the world. To provide the needs of customers, through our Kang Shuo machinery to create business quality and save time and efforts, the highest value of finished products.
Business so far, our greatest harvest in addition to the recognition of each level of customers, the most valuable harvest than all the customers we have served ,have become a good friend Kang Shuo, While for the "Kang Shuo Brand" the best business spokesperson representative.

We are grateful for all this feedback, the future of each day, we will be more Carefully to provide more customers need all the services.
One day, "Kang Shuo Brand" will certainly represent our love of Taiwan in Taiwan this piece of land, shiny fever.