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Kangshuo's processing machinery is available in a wide variety of categories.
1. Fruit and vegetable cutting machine: It is suitable for all kinds of leafy vegetables and bulbs of fruits and vegetables. It can be cut, shredded, diced, sliced ​​and cut into strips. The choice of desktop to large-scale fruit and vegetable processing machinery is available depending on the size and volume of the space used by the customer.
2. Washing equipment: It can wash fruits and vegetables, remove the skin and not damage the surface. It can be combined with other processing machinery to plan the most complete whole plant moving line.
3. Baking equipment: can be flattened, diced, poured, cut into thin slices, to complete the processing needs of various types of pastry.
4. Meat processing equipment: It is suitable for all kinds of meat or frozen meat, as well as various meat machinery such as vegetarian meat processing. Can complete all kinds of meat, vegetarian meat processing needs.
5. Production line: The industrial experience over the years allows us to judge which machine equipment is most suitable for your company's needs according to your specific needs, and provide complete consultation and provide you with the whole plant planning configuration diagram, including machinery and equipment. And plant compartment configuration.

※ There are many kinds of machines in Kangshuo Machinery. Please tell us the ingredients, specifications and output that you want to process. We will select the model that best suits your needs.

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